The following are comments sent to Astro-Smart from our valued customers. We appreciate all of your comments because they help us make our products and services better for you.

"The CDAP Pro works great. I really enjoy having the remote PC control option."
RBB, New South Wales, Australia
"I received the CDAP pro  a few weeks ago and have been using it for some imaging. So, far I really like the response and automated dew busting feature it has. I just turn it on and let the box do the work. The RF wireless connection to my observatory has worked out to be very impressive with over 600 feet range."
RMB,West Palm Beach, Florida USA

"I am very pleased with the CDAP Pro for my home observatory. I work for a company that has a similar professional grade system which the CDAP pro features have at a fraction of the cost. Good Job....Dale
WW, Auckland, New Zealand
"I use the CDAP Pro in my observatory in Russia. The unit holds up very well even at the typical sub freezing temperatures we get here. I very am pleased with the product."
PB,Moscow, Russia

"...I got the Computerized Dew
Anihilator Pro(CDAP) yesterday morning. I tried it and everything works great. "
ES,Corsica, France

"I received one of the first CDAP models and got an upgrade for free. As I like the product, I made the investment...Thanks Again"
CF,London, England
"I love the warranty for life program. Great product. Very glad I purchased it."
BWM,Athens, Greece.
"Thanks Astro-Smart, great product at a very affordable price.  The auto mode worry free opertion allows me to concentrate on imaging. The RF wireless option is amazing and innovative....Less wires, Less worry..."
TD,Stone Mountain Georgia, USA
"Great pre sales and product support once I bought the CDAP.  I have had the unit over 2 years now and got two free upgrades since my purchase and the product gets better and better for free."
SFB,Beaver Falls, Pennsylvannia, USA
"One thing I really appreciated, was Astro-Smart works with the user to taylor the product to your specific needs. I made some software suggestions to the product that gave the product extra functionality and within a week, I had the new software updates with the new capability for free. "
RH,Ottawa, Canada
"I researched various options (Kendrick, Astrozap, etc) and decided to purchase yours since it is the most sophisticated for the best price.  I really liked the info on your site as well as your YouTube videos. Great Product."
NW,Marion, Iowa, USA
"Wow....Such an amazing product for the price. Software is included for the Remote interface...I am really happy with this product, the RF wireless interface and the warrenty for life program. "
JSS,Princeton, New Jersey USA
"Great Online Tutorials, Documentation and Videos. The staff at Astro-Smart are extremely helpful and truely are trying to serve the astronomy community with the insertion of this product. Great Job Astro-Smart.."
PMB,Austin, Texas USA
"Its a joy to use this very cool product at such a reasonable price. The CDAP-PRO is a testimate to innovation. Great Job A+++...Astro-Smart."
MW,Broken Arrow, Oklahoma USA
"The RC-CDAP-PRO is by far an incredible product. Compared to the planewave system which costs over $1000, I bought the RC-CDAP-PRO from Astro-Smart for $249 and am very happy."
 GT, San Fransico, California USA
"I am so impressed with the Meade RCDA. It looks so beautiful in my LX600. This is truly an amazing product."
BF, Wixom, Michigan USA
"I bought the RC-CDA-R because I only perform remote operation control from my observatory which doesn't have the extra display or keypad on the unit in standalone operation and works great for my needs at a reduced price. Its great to see price options on these products which worked out well for me. Great service too...Thanks Dale."
TS, Madison, Wisconsin USA
"I got me we hands on the RCDA unit and fits me right. Brilliant product, great video tutorials and customer service."
MF, Belfast, Ireland
"Astro-Smart is becoming a one stop shop....I bought an RC-CDAP-PRO and the Astro-Smart Dew Straps and everything has exceeded my expectations."
BJ, Chattanoga, Tennessee
"Astro-Smarts's customer service is fantastic. He made me a special video when I was having trouble getting the  Meade CDA-R product working with my custom PC. The unit looks and works fantastic in my Meade LX600 scope...."
BL, Honolulu, Hawai, USA
"This product is great....I can't believe you get so much for such a low cost...I used the CDA-R with the long haul Ethernet and RF wireless interface and both work extremely well...
CN, Tallahasse Florida, USA

"I found this product on the internet and was very impressed. Once, it arrived I was equally impressed with the packing and production quality for the price. The RC-CDAP-PRO is a welcome addition to my observatory equipment list. Astro-Smart is now working on Observatory control products which I plan on buying when released."
FH, Madrid, Spain

23.   "I put a special Pre-order in for the Observatory Control product with Rain Sensor to work with my RC-CDAP-PRO. I am very happy with these Astro-Smart Products....."
RH, San Jose California, USA

  "I wanted an integrated dew and sky quality meter product to reduce wires and cost on my setup and decided to purchase a SM-CDA-R which is a SQM meter and Dew Controller all in one product. I was very surprised and happy with this product. No one else is doing this...Hats off Astro-Smart......"
TM, Pori, Finland

  "The RCDA-2 worked very well for me as it drives two of my scopes without the need for 2 sets of equipment. Its high power output nicely heats my multiple dew straps. The LCD display and button interface is a nice touch and easy to use interface. 20 Amps ....Wow..."
RT, Boston MA, USA

  "The All in One RCOCSM-CDAP-PRO was indeed a work of art...The integrated SQM meter, Observatory Control and Dew Controller saved me alot of money wth this all in one gem......"
EEM, East London, South Africa

  "I just bought a RC-SM-CDAR looking to combine an SQM and Dew Controller for a RC scope. I was pleasantly pleased with this product. It blows the canadian (Unidhedron)SQM and (Kendrick)Dew products away and I saved a ton of money".
TCM, Walla Walla, Washington, USA

28   "Just bought a CFS-PRO focuser controller for my Technical Innovations Robo-Focuser motor on my refractor setup. I was very pleased with the functionality of this product for such a outstanding price."
JBS, Dayton, Ohio, USA

29   "I wanted a focuser controller for my imaging setup. I contacted Dale and he recommended a complete solution from his company including a CFS-R focuser product with a Stepper Motor for my imaging load and beefy Bracket Coupler option for my setup. A few simple mods to this beefy plate and L bracket and I was off an running with the provided GUI and ASCOM driver I used with Maxim DL. Would recommend to a fellow astronomer"
TR, Tangiers, Morocco, Africa

  "I was very excited to pre order the Sky Master Pro SMP-PRO unit and glad I did. This unit is indeed an all in one unit for the sky. I ended up getting the SQM, Cloud, GPS, Rain with the 8 line OLED display and Relay 2 option to control my dome depending on the sky conditions. The software GUI was easy to use and am very happy with the product and a great price to boot. Thanks Astro-Smart...."
PH, Sacramento, CA USA

  "The SMP-R all in one Sky Master Pro unit got to my door 3 days after I purchased it. Very fast shipping. Wow what a cool product jammed packed with all these neat features. I setup the unit with 30 minutes with my SQM, IR Cloud sensor which easily fit in a 1 1/2 inch PVC section near my mount. The self mounting holes on the GPS mounted nicely as well. I fired up the GUI and the sensors data read like a champ. Another cool feature is the GPS NEMA output which talked to my other 3rd party software for my celestron and losmandy mounts. Cool Deal."
SF, Butte Montana, USA
"I am so impressed with the Meade RCDA. It looks so beautiful in my LX600. This is truly an amazing product."